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A contribution  from London, England:

I would like to share my quarantine-themed experimental short movie with you. It is called ‘Malevolent’ focusing on an illusionary world of a self-isolated character. I made the film using only iPhone XS at my home in London a couple of weeks ago. Here its link: https://youtu.be/cPdVsgW2mVU
Hope you enjoy watching my film! I have made this film for the Roger Corman Quarantine Short Film Competition.
Hope you are safe & healthy. Be strong on these surreal times. Many thanks for your time in advance!
Warm regards,
Can Aksoy
SCA Studio Can Aksoy



  1. Hello,
    I had to remove my film on my Instagram account due to another short film festival rules. That’s why the link above is not working now. Here is the new link to watch my award-winning quarantine short film, ‘MALEVOLENT’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPdVsgW2mVU

    P.S. The film got the Runner-Up Award at the We Make Films Mobile Challenge short film competition.

    Hope you enjoy my work! Thank you!

    Can Aksoy

  2. Dear Christoph,

    Very many thanks for sharing my experimental film here!!


    Can Aksoy

    • You are very welcome! I love to have your post here. All the best, Christoph

    • Tell your friends about it, if you like.

      • I just shared it on my Instagram! Also, tagged your IG account as well.


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