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New Project - Life in Times of CoronaPictures, films and texts

Project Outline

Hello there,

Christoph Brandl my name, I’m an artist from Berlin. Just like all of you, me too, I’m stuck in my apartment.

So much has changed in such a short time.

And I’m interested to see as to what your world has come to.

So I’m asking you to submit photographs, films and texts to me. I will upload these works to this page for everyone to see, including your name and place of origin, and as much information as you’d like to make public (no commercial posts, please).

The rights remain with you, this page has no commercial interest.

The project is called: “Life in times of Corona”

You can send me inspiring photos (or photo series) that you took over the past weeks, or films, or texts you wrote.

I’d like to see what the world looks like right now. What does your city feel like? The streets you live on? Your daily walk to the grocer’s? More beautiful? Calm and tranquil, or eerie and un-earthly? Can you see, see more – now everyone is gone?

And: Is nature claiming back its territory? Or is it missing the human touch… show me, I’d love to find out.

This is the email-address:


Or you can use the file uploader


I’m looking forward to receiving your work.

Thank you.